In His Arms

SPECIAL GUEST: Beverly Shoemaker

Episode Summary

Our special guest Beverly Shoemaker will share her For Real Story! Join the conversation as we talk about this month's topic: The Blame Game

Episode Notes

Having faced serious trauma in her own life, Beverly Shoemaker is no stranger to adversity. After losing a husband to suicide and her son in a drunk driving crash, she wanted to give up. She battled depression and discouragement, loneliness and pain, yet she persevered and ultimately found hope. She makes it her mission to help others rediscover their identity and purpose after loss and trauma. She wants others to see all the life that is still available to live and encourage others to rewrite their story in a way that feels honoring to their grief, but doesn’t leave them in the suffering of loss and heartache. She hopes to empower others to rise up out of grief, loss and heartache, and confidently restore their hope and a new future for themselves.  Beverly is a published blogger, resilience mentor, Inspirational speaker and host of the podcast show, The Resilient Heart Podcast.